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Susan Ahn Cuddy
3 people sharing tea and fortunes
At their Moongate Restaurant in Panorama City, siblings Soorah Ahn Buffum, Philip Ahn, and Susan Ahn Cuddy read their fortunes in 1959.

Susan Ahn Cuddy (1915 – 2015) was a Los Angeles native whose parents emigrated in 1902 from Korea, in order to study Western democracy with the hope of applying some of these practices to their home country. Her father, Ahn Changho, founded the Korean National Association, which was created in order to aid Korean immigrants, mediate labor disputes, and represent Korean-American interests. Susan attended Fremont Avenue Elementary school and Central Junior High School. She studied sociology at San Diego State University as one of the first Korean-American women to attend university. In 1942 she joined the WAVES volunteer program in the U.S. Navy and later enlisted. She was both the first Asian American in the Navy as well as the first female gunnery officer before being transferred to Naval Intelligence in 1943. She and husband Frank Cuddy were married in 1947. She began working in 1956 at the National Security Agency and attended USC through a fellowship. She resigned in the late 1950s to join her family, including brother Philip Ahn, in running the Moongate Restaurant in the San Fernando Valley. She continued to work in her later years to archive her family’s history, an endeavor continued by her son Philip.

Susan's Oral History Interview