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Glenda Ahhaitty
Huntington Park Indian Center meeting
A group meeting in the offices of the Huntington Park Indian Center includes, from left, Mamie, of the Kiowa tribe, Glenda Ahhaitty, and Dave Brown, the Lieutenant Governor of the Chickasaw.

Glenda Griggs Ahhaitty (1941 – ) was born in Texas of Cherokee, French, and English descent. She moved to Anaheim with her family in 1954 and as a high school junior began working at the newly opened Disneyland in the Indian Village store, where she met her husband, who was Kiowa and Comanche. They married in 1960 and had four children. While raising her young family, she attended Fullerton Community College and worked at a greeting card company. In 1972 she found employment at Rockwell International in Downey, where she remained for 15 years, working in space shuttle development, engineering, business management, public and government relations, and as a board draftsman. During this time, she obtained her B.S. in Public Administration and an associates degree in Computer Science. She later spent six years at McDonnell Douglas working on C-17 missile systems. She also worked with the American Indian Engineering Society, Indians in Federal Government, and the L.A. City/County Native American Indian Commission.

Glenda's Oral History Interview